Vending system is a unique and necessary part of a prepayment metering solution that provides energy trading platform. different utilities around the world face different types of difficulties and challenges. like, collecting the money from the end user, high tamper, dealing with outstanding accounts or unpaid bills and avoid late payments, extending payment channels, protecting the investment of the utilities by providing an ultimate revenue collection system.

System Overview

Hexing vending system is a mature financial software platform assisting utilities to sell the energy via a token, manage prepayment meters and handle vending channels. our system has different interfaces based on structure, 3rd party systems like banking, e-Valet applications, billing or even MDM if any smart prepaid metering system is running over there. This system can integrate with existing (AMI), perform data analysis, failures, events, even exporting and importing data, setup a schedule reporting, readout data by creating a schedule or on demand reading, load profile, configuration for meters, and controlling those meters.

Key benefits

·    Improve the cash management by providing accurate balance sheet for the utilities.

·    Easy deploying of multi-tariff, support remote switching between STS and CTS and Time of use tariff configuration.

·    Interoperability and scalability STS standard open protocol.

·    Token management (clearing, emergency, tamper removal, reversal, etc.).

·    Managing multiple vending Channels, like POS, Retails… etc.  

Project value

·  远程TOKEN下发,表计安装位置远离用户的操作范围,能有效防止窃电

·  程监测,有利于识别僵尸用户

·  相比普通预付费,智能预付费系统获得更频繁的用电信息,帮助电力公司生成更详细的账目

·  支持远程STS/CTS切换和TOU费率调整

·  用户浏览界面为终端用户提供更加详尽的用电信息

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