System Overview

MDM is a meter data management system that can aggregate metering data to support billing and data analysis. For example, load analysis, tracking, and generating reports to predict future consumption trends. MDM includes many functional modules, including load analysis, outage analysis, line loss analysis, tamper analysis, etc. The core function is VEE: Validation, Estimation and Edition. This function can obtain the integrity of data from the equipment and provide complete and effective measurement data to other business systems.

Key benefits

  • Easy access: a unified interface platform based on CIM standards and protocols, easy to integrate with third-party platforms

  • Rich algorithms: rich verification and estimation rules can meet customers' daily business needs

  • Report analysis: customizable analysis report and display dashboard

  • Flexibility: flexible and scalable modular software architecture can be provided according to customers' future growth trend


  • Power analysis and load analysis provide data support for grid planning and demand-side management;  

  • The integration of multiple systems provides unified data and unified application access for power companies to improve management efficiency;  

  • VEE (validation, estimate, edit) provides users with a unified data view and high-quality data, and unified external data release, which improves IT operation efficiency and reduces the difficulty of operation and maintenance;  

  • The complete and unified business data provided by MDM effectively supports the realization of advanced business applications such as line loss management, demand-side management, transformer monitoring, etc.


  • With multiple software copyrights

  • The product has entered the Gartner market guidance report supplier list for many consecutive years

  • It has extensive application cases in Africa, Latin America, Bangladesh and other regions

Project value


· 提供更加明晰的、透明的、有效的交易管理、账户管理

· 更低的初始性资本投入

· 保证金的模式降低了电力公司的资金风险

· 更广泛的售电渠道给用户带来购电和支付的便利

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